Fantinato: a name, a passion, a story.

from 1980... a Sweet Tradition

Fantinato Lineadolce company was born in 1980 and aims to all customers looking for and appreciating good quality.

You can find us near Asolo, an area surrounded by hills, full of story and culture, connected to the near Venice. The factory is made of three units, one is dedicated to raw materials storage, another to finished products and another one to the production laboratory. Total area coverage is around 2000mq.

Quick Facts

Something amazing for you , every day.

The ongoing research let us grow and improve in both production and commercial areas. Concerning the current production, it includes different kinds of products. The sweet line is made of tarts based on short bread enriched with jams and creams, cakes, biscuits, varied puff pastries, meringues and seasonal specialties. The savoury line include various handmade breadsticks and very tasty fried snacks.

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A Sweet Family Passion

A story where sweetness is part of our family.

Everything was born in 1972 when Bruno Fantinato, began working with Venetian artisan confectionery companies, dealing with the selection of high quality products to put in the market.

Over the years the activity increased significantly, needing for bigger spaces, as the range of products enlarged.

The most important development was in 2000 with the opening of our own productive activity located in Vedelago. The product line included cakes, tarts, biscuits and seasonal specialties, which changed and widened in the following years.

In 2005 we had a further change with a seat transfer to Onè di Fonte and the unification of the production facility with logistics and administration.

The company is family owned and is supported by the work of fifteen employees.

Quality Certification

Originality and quality through the preservation of ancient values and recipes..

In order to offer the best possible service, Fantinato Lineadolce compared its production methods with important quality standards, achieving the International Feature Standard (IFS), a high level certification with very strict regulations.

Fantinato Lineadolce is supported by a technical office which supervises the strict respect of food-safety regulations and compliance with labelling.

We carefully select our raw materials from the best Italian suppliers, ensuring the quality of the product.