Our Products

From 1980... a Sweet Tradition

Close to Asolo, an area surrounded by hills, full of story and culture, you can find our family-run company Fantinato Lineadolce.

“Simple flavours give the same pleasure of the most sophisticated ones, sweets and chocolate bring a full pleasure to those are missing them.”

We Thought of Everything

Fantinato Lineadolce makes confectionery products for every traditional Holiday:
Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Hallowen


Our Values

Tradition, innovation and quality
since almost 40 years inspire our work.

We carefully choose our raw materials from the best Italian suppliers, ensuring the quality of our product.

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The egg is a natural noble food, which contains essential nutrients for a healthy diet. We’ve always used fresh eggs.

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The butter is a tasty food, rich of essential components (vitamins, mineral salts, proteins), good for health in the proper measure. Our butter comes only from local farms.

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We use high quality flours, which increase in value the final product ready for the market.


“It could be argued that there’s an element of entertainment in every pie, as every pie is inherently a surprise by virtue of its crust.” Janet Clarkson

Janet Clarkson.